Saturday, June 18, 2011

Welcome to Anonymous Reads

Hi! Welcome to Anonymous Reads, a blog for book talks, book reviews, and more about books! I started this blog because I love reading and it just occurred to me to join the book-blogging community. This blog is going to include book reviews, book hauls/in my mailboxes, giveaways (hopefully), and interviews with authors (again, hopefully).

The books I'm going to be reviewing are going to be of the YA variety. I'll read pretty much anything that's YA, but my recent favorites are dystopian and paranormal. I'm also open to any requests or suggestions for books you guys may have. You can email me your suggestions whenever you want and I'll respond and let you know if I'm going to be able to review it (my email is

I really can't think of anything else to add, so I'm going to stop my rambling here. But if you want to watch me repeat what I just wrote and make a fool of myself, feel free to check out my youtube channel:

Thanks for stopping by :D